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    Hey Spyder ole chap!

    I was trying to point out the different environmental requirements here?

    A commercial/business environment needs the NT facilities.

    Home use does not? well, not usually

    If you wanted to add security in the old 9X environment, you got a third party add-on?

    I just get the feeling that people are arguing about something the actually all agree on?

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    Hah, nihil.. I agree with you. In each seperate environment, different needs/requirements should be placed accordingly. However, yes.. that's kinda the point is that usually on most days, we would all agree on a specific rule of thumb here. In this argument though, we haven't..
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Originally posted here by Spyder32
    [B]Allow me to chime in, everyone? Thanks

    You aren't really serious.. are you? Then you say there are plenty of systems with auto-login but it doesn't matter because nothing is really on those machines at the time anyways.. I'd hate to work in your office and be someone with malicious or rude intent, no? Not to mention, 9 out of 10 corporate systems in the workplace HAVE atleast SOMETHING of value on those systems.. Using auto-login in corporate environments is EXTREMELY stupid.. foolhardy, really. That's putting too much trust in your fellow employees, etc.. and not use it at home?! ****, I trust those around my house more than I trust those at work, LMAO..
    You obviously didn't read about how those machines were used. You couldn't do squat on them. They were just terminals. Three icons on the screen, and that was it, everthing else was locked down and absolutely nothing was stored on the machines. Any of the applications that could be run required authentication. If by some chance you were able to do something on them, which never happened, the machines were reloaded from an image. Perfect example of where you don't need a login to the OS in a corporate environment.

    A login password in a home environment makes no difference when it comes to being "hacked"...
    And I say it does make a difference because you will never get access to my EFS files. Saying it doesn't make a difference is the same as saying it is pointless. You may get access to my machine, but I have still maintained the confidentiality of my data. I can also assure the integrity of my data. In the case of a home machine availability if really up to the physical security. So I've done the best that I can to enforce the basic tenants of security.

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    devpon: Again...I'm not talking individual situtations.. if people raise their children so that they can't trust them... that's their way of raising their kids and it's not my place to make statements on that..
    (Why are you raising nosey brats then)
    Cute, you make a statement and them have to have the last word. Shows your maturity. Cute

    How do you know.... many parents would say that about their kids when it isn't true... It is nothing more than security through obscurity
    I know I don't know as much about computers and security as you do, but I do know alot more about them than my children. I do know what my children are doing and they know it. Enough of a deterrent to them until they are old enough to be on their own. If they get caught doing something wrong on the computer, they will pay.

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