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    Wireless Router Dropping

    I have researched this problem and have found mentions of it on this site along with many others, but none have a fullproof resolution.

    The problem: I am trying to help someone who had a comcast technician setup wireless in their house. They used a netgear cg814wg wireless router and also some default security measures.

    I fixed the security and brought up the additional 3 systems they had in the house and the connection seems to keep dropping when one of the people start gaming. There is no complaints 90% of the time, unless this person is gaming and it drops atleast once often more.

    (since the router is a special version for ISPs you cannot upgrade the firmware)

    Have you seen this issue and what would you suggest?

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    unless this person is gaming and it drops atleast once often more
    I had this happen with my Dlink and America's Army...it would send out a broadcast looking for a LAN game and something about it made the Dlink croak...literally. Is it a specific game or any game? If one game seems to do it more than another, you might try to have them play that game while a traffic dump is running on that system...see if you can spot any strange traffic (especially around when the router actually drops)...If its something about a particular packet or a broadcast, you might could take action on the localsystem to stop that from happening...On another note, the POS that I have seems to not really care for alot of traffic and tends to respond by dumping in those situations as well (granted I was doing some rather un-nice port scans at the time, but hey )...

    You also might consider signal interferance...are there any wireless components on the systems that are playing the game (mice/keyboards/headsets/etc)...might be something to look into, might not.

    Anyway, just my thoughts...

    Good luck running it down, I've found it usually tends to be a pain...
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