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    Hi chizra Happy Independence Day

    There is no other antivirus, however there are programs like spybot, ad aware and stinger and as far as i know they don't have any known conflicts among each other.
    In general, I would say that you are correct. Certainly the free versions are on demand, and Stinger is a specialist, on demand tool.

    SpyBot might cause a problem as it has an interactive element called "Teatimer". I have known this to cause conflicts on rare occasions, but not recently. It is a user option to enable it, if it is running you should see a little blue and white icon with a gray padlock down in your system tray.

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    As you are an aol user let me highlight you with something new. I really dont know whether you are aware or not. AOL also provides antivirus software powered by Mcafee if you wanted to download av from mcafee than go to IE address would be INSTALL.AV.AOL.COM.Over here you need to sign to it with your aol screen name and password ( only screen name dont type @aol.com).

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    Well .... may I call it a MARKETING STRATEGY???? I think they will eneter the security area and soon.

    So they are trying to convince people that their one is good....

    By the way..there are chances that they might be right too when they say that there are holes in the system. However I have coplete trust in McAfee ( unlike ByTeWragler....I dunno why he doent trust one of the industry leaders). Anyway I again repeat that I have used Zonealarm and I dont recommend it. Either it is TRIAL or it is bufggy in the free version. Most of my friends complained that. I use kerio firewall..it is really really a breez to use and features to boast with.

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    Hello everyone.
    I've got some kind a problem whith this AOL Active Security Monitor..
    When I first install this on my Account User on WinXP everything was great.. (max points 94 )
    But when i installed all available microsoft's updates that program stops run.
    First i thought that it is happened because of that updates, but today i installed this once again (another one) and on Root account was run. Now I think that something is wrong in registry.
    Can someone help me with this problem?? What i have to do?

    I'm sorry about my language but i'm not good writer and i'm still learning

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    It would be good if you start your own thread... That will help you better. Anyway for your registry problem best would be to go to safety.live.com and there scan for your registry problem.. It will eliminate most of the problem..

    As golden rule keep all your software up-to-date.. This also includes Winzip..
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