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Thread: same ol mess

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    I stand corrected, they do prompt you for an authority to update.

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    Spybot and Ad-Aware are showing the stuff, removing it and it's coming back? In the old days, we called those droppers.

    The thing to do is to note the name of the infections, then google the name and any other keywords you can think of to find instructions for manually removing them. Almost all spyware can be removed and there's several good forums out there, like www.spywarewarrior.com, where you can get the latest info.

    You might also try the online AV scans from Panda or Trendmicro to see what they pick up.

    Sounds like you're still using IE as your primary browser. Consider an alternative browser (Firefox or Opera) or locking down IE so you aren't getting infected (see tutorials for this). Most of this stuff is coming in via the browsers now.

    And some self-discipline. Porn and gambling sites got a rep for spyware, as do warez sites and others. Stay away from dodgy websites.
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    hi, actually i do use firefox as a browser and since installing the hosts files man this thing has started to act like 3ghx lol, so on for the testing, or should i say finding of antivirus software, I use to use nod32.

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    If you are using Firefox, it might be an idea to get the script blocking plug in (noscript?) and the adblocker.

    Also set up SpyBot to run in "advanced" mode and have a look at the "tools" section.......... shows you all sorts of interesting "passengers" you might have

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