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    Outlook 2003 / Exchange / Cisco VPN

    I've been working on this one all day and I've remained stumped:

    Remote user set up with Cisco VPN client. VPN connects ok. DNS resolves -- can ping server by name. So while connected, I try to connect Outlook 2003, and it can't find the exchange server. What to note:

    1) During setup, I had to specify the IP address of the Exchange server as it wouldn't resolve (though it will if I ping it in command prompt -- won't resolve even though DNS works?). Once I entered the IP, it prompted me for user/pass/domain, and accepted it, adding the profile successfully.
    2) Tried creating new profile.
    3) If you google this issue, I tried the registry changes you'll find suggested.
    4) Installed Office Updates.
    5) Confirmed mailbox is not corrupt -- OWA works.
    6) Isolated to her one remote computer -- I can connect to her Exchange mailbox from my remote computer over VPN.
    7) No firewall -- She's so wide open I can VNC right into her WAN IP
    8) She's on RoadRunner cable -- another remote RR user has no trouble, so it doesn't look to be an ISP issue. RR support says they're doing nothing to block her accessing Exchange over VPN.
    9) She's on Windows 2000 Professional, Outlook 2003.
    10) No other versions of Office installed.
    11) Other users with the exact same PCF (VPN user profile) do not have this problem.
    12) Tried with cached mode both enabled and disabled.

    While opening Outlook, immediately after the splash screen appears, I either get simply "Exchange server unavailable" or "Unable to open your default e-mail folders. You must connect to your Microsoft Exchange Server computer with the current profile before you can synchronize your folders with your offline folder file."

    I'm STUMPED. Any ideas?

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    If it is 2003 Server....Just use OWA.......

    I have dramitically reduced issues with email with this...IMHO.....great tool.

    So...once she vpns in...she should use an internal address for the exchange server....no??

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