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Thread: Schneier Facts

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    Schneier Facts

    I know, I know, this probably belongs in Humor. However, it is only of true humorous relevance if you[list=1][*]Know who Bruce Schneier is[*]Know what Chuck Norris facts refers to (but who doesn't, these days?)[/list=1]
    Cryptographers and crypto-geek/wonk -wannabe's, your time is at hand!

    My personal favorite...
    Every time Bruce Schneier smiles, an amateur cryptographer dies.
    "Data is not necessarily information. Information does not necessarily lead to knowledge. And knowledge is not always sufficient to discover truth and breed wisdom." --Spaf
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    Heh-heh-heh. This site allows you to create your own Chuck Norris t-shirts:


    Now they need the same for Schneier - "Bruce Schneier - Crypto Ranger"
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