I always liked the terms white hat, grey hat & black hat. Made me think of that stupid little midget sourcerer from the old he-man cartoon.
In case you forgot what he looked like
I will have to agree with HT on this one though. The term "hacker" almost seems useless being that all types of various penetration methods (malicious, non-malicious) and the associated characteristics of the people who are implementing them, have expanded greatly.
I try to use the term "cracker" to imply someone who is attempting to gain access to a system for malicious reasons but, most "everyday" people think I'm talking about something you put cheese on and serve as an appetizer. oh well.
Speaking of cheese, I love the old "hacker" flicks where they fly around visually obnoxious mainframe databases that look more like disneyland than anything that resembles code, and viruses are depicted as little pac man monsters eating code.

By the way, if any of you are cheesy "hacker" movie producers, I can hit 100 random keys on my keyboard (accompanied with some fractal screen savers) and say "I'm in!".