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    Cool cmd prompt trick

    I found a very interesting command prompt trick for windows, while reading a book on A+ cert not sure if anyone knows of this so Ill post my findings:

    If you ever wanted to copy text from a command prompt window,:

    1) Click the top left icon, Edit>Mark
    2) Click at the begining of the text you wish to copy, hold shift and click at the end. This will highlight everything.
    3) Icon, Edit>Copy

    Now you can CTRL V to paste as usual anywhere like notpead, or a discussion forum. I was so amazed by this I just had to share.

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    you can right click anywhere on the cmd prompt and select mark, and just keep holding your left mouse button and select it all.
    lol. you didnt know this!

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    hmm I say cut him a break

    He named it the Command Prompt not the DOS window, and a lot of people are yet to discover (if ever) either, he has taken time to learn something for himself..
    You should hear the comments of disgust when you ask some one to use the CMD prompt to gather some information, then to use that sequence of command to copy the info to a email so you can help them.. yetch why use such an old fashioned program they say.. and ooooo whats this doing on my computer..
    you didnt know this!
    lots dont..LOL
    But seeing as you do, how about a tutorial on useing the Command prompt? :P
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    But seeing as you do, how about a tutorial on useing the Command prompt? :P
    Then we get to judge him on his command prompt skillz, eh undies? ...
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    Ok, i understand grilling newbs for posting random **** asking how to do illegal ****, posting totally irrelevant information, the wrong forum, being stupid overall, not using google, not searching the site, posting **** from other web sites without a link, etc.

    But this person has done nothing wrong, is showing us his/her progress of becoming a (savvy) computer geek, we should take undies advice and maybe a bit further, give the dude/dudette some props for trying.

    I remember when I first came here in may of 2002, new absolutely nothing more than a few lines of html and the basics of windows 3.1/95/98/me/a little 2kpro, and everyone was really cool about how bad i sucked at everything, helped me out a ton, encouragement, etc. and I still remember and appreciate all of that. I think we should do the same here.

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    wow, er0k, never knew you to be so sympathetic. I agree though. I learn stuff all the time that people would consider "common knowledge". I would hate for people to bash me for the simple things that I didn't know. Actually, I'm just like the OP. I try to show others the cool little tricks that I've learned.
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    haha, i know dude, i was in a bad mood last night.

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    This was shown to me by my C++ instructor... I have used it several times since... very handy piece of knowledge...
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    Nice Tip - another way to do it (which I thought was common knowledge until recently!) Right click on the title bar > properties > select QuickEdit.

    Now you can highlight text in the usual way (hold left mouse button and drag the cursor) and all you have to do is Right Click once to select it and then this can be pasted in the usual way to any text editor.

    To past text back in to the command prompt, just right click once again and the relevant text is pasted in.

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    You should hear the comments of disgust when you ask some one to use the CMD prompt
    Yeah. very true. Most of the users I deal with don't know and don't want to know what the command prompt is...let alone use it.
    Myself on the other hand, I love it. I started to realize its potential when I wanted to do a network wide system defrag (about 25 machines) from my system. If you try to use the "manage computer" option and defrag a remote system, it tells you defrag can't be run remotely. I didn't really see any cheap software out there for network defrag either. Also consider that all the user accounts have very limited rights (they aren't even allowed to defrag) which means, I'd either have to do a runas on each machine, or logoff/logon as an admin on each machine, etc.
    Then I stumbled upon a free command line utility called PsExec. Let me tell you, it's been one of the best things I've ever downloaded. Let's just say, with this tool, system wide defrag from a single system became a reality for me and...it didn't cost me a dime. But, I find myself rambling.
    Case in point, the command prompt rocks.
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