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    Originally posted here by masster
    Flash news: he compiled amule 2.1.3 and did a GREAT job. Now amule forum has a new section for existing distro packages: RedHat 9.

    But my question stays valid and unanswered: is there ANY OTHER solution for having a user "jailed" in his own yard but still having compilation rights?

    If not, just say it so we can all close this topic and go to bed to our (neglected) girlfriends.
    What about using vmware? Install your distro. Do you best to "jail" them. Firewall that machine off from the rest of your hosts. Give them access and let them compile. When they're done, copy off their binary and then dump the virtual machine. Now, you have your binary and they were never actually on your box. Just a virtual box run on your box.

    Not only that. But, if you wanted to keep the session. You could always take a snapshot of it before you give them access, let them do their thing, copy off their work and then roll back to the state before they had access.

    But, that still doesn't mean that you're going to have a clean binary. They could still have "patched" the code with a backdoor or rootkit or whatever. Best option is to download the source yourself and build it yourself. Unless you have multiple personalitites and don't trust yourself.
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    Unless you have multiple personalitites and don't trust yourself.
    We don't

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    I answered to those questions, if only you read ALL topic.
    And as I said, I'm happy now, not to mention that the_JinX offered a solution instead asking a ton of supplementary questions.

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    Just to stir things even more... If that person is able to ssh into your machine but didn't have access to a compiler what's there to stop him from uploading and executing a pre-compiled binary that would break out of the chroot/jail/whatever? Having access to a compiler or not is moot. S/He has access to your machine..
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