"By saying you've found two decent search engines... what you mean is you've taken two from the article you linked to... and you probably haven't even tried them."

Hey listen here buddy, I have tried them and they are the two I currenty use. What I said is what I mean, I'm not here to spam your precious site i was only trying to make conversation. And so what if I do want to find out how to make a nuclear weapon. I may just want to know for informational purposes. It's not any of anyone's business what I do or dont do online and I chose to use the same ID for almost all of those things you mentioned because I really dont care if you hack my email or read my blogs or listen to my favorite radio station. Get off your high horse guy.

" I figure, the less the government is prying into my privacy, the better"
We have a winner! I under stand some data will be kept for developing and advertising etc, but there needs to be a limit on how long you can keep that informaiton. I think that one dude is right, it is definately better to use a variety of search engines. Anyway, thanks for the welcoming Galdron & everyone else.