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    Anyway off topic, where can I get somehelp installing linux on windows XP? Partitioning for XP is a pain in the ass. I've erased my HD twice with fdisk. LoL. xD
    Please start a new thread. I would suggest the operating systems forum.

    Some indication of what XP you are running and what distro of linux you are trying to install would also help, as well as your hardware specifications

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    How long can Google & other search engines keep our data safe from the government?
    I boast some of the strongest (and longest) anti-government credentials of anyone
    posting on this board, but there is such a thing as balance, and proportion.
    I'd be worried about Google betraying all those Chinese dissidents
    a lot more than giving my search results to the US Gov. Why? My gov is
    a wuss. They back down when a federal judge says so. Google refused to
    give them info, boasting about freedom and such, but they knew the gov
    couldn't really hurt them, but China, they fear China and give them anything
    they want. Real threats produce real results.
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    Fact is google is slipping in the hard core usage department. They have caved with the gov a few times and most of the top hits are sponsors or someone filling in their own search engine crap. I have gotten to the point of just hit like page 5 or 10.

    "Find hacking tools on ebay"

    I mean come on?
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    Know your enemies. Collecting information on someone is not a crime. The goverment uses this information to find out who is against the United States. If you want to look up how to build bombs then I think the goverment should know. So if a bomb goes off in my city they have a list of people with the knowledge. You are all too into the movie senerio that the goverment is out to get you ie: (Track down) Kevin Mitnick story. Now im not saying the goverment isnt sneeky and doesnt do illegal things, like wiretapping or email tapping for no real reason. Im just saying they have our countries interests to protect. Sounds to me if you are against the goverment collecting data on you then you must have something to hide. Google collects data and so does all the other sites out there. Part of the agreement of you using there site is that they can collect this data and use it for what ever they use it for. Again if you are looking up kiddy porn and google collects that, expect a knock at your door (perv). Google is a great search engine and I have used it before google hit the big time. Google has gone more commercial in the past 5 years but it still brings up what I want to search for.

    If you are that concearned about the information people are collecting on you then be aware as to what you give up. SSN, Address, EMail, Phone#, Names, Birthdates, and Account information are some of the main things you dont want to search for on the internet or give to sites that have no buisness knowing that information. Infact I wouldn't place any of that information on my computer let alone over the internet.

    When I go to a site that asks for that information and I really want to access the infromation they offer, I use a fake name, address, email, and birthdate. Heck I even bull Sh*T on the amount of income I make. I call it garbage information. Next time they ask for a email give them someone@dodgeit.com, this is a real email site that can receive email. only thing is anyone can read the emails at this site so dont give your bank this email.

    So basicly all im saying is security starts with you. If you dont want people knowing what you do and who you are, becareful of the information you give up.

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    i didnt see the date flashing so i figured i would add my 2 cents ,anything on the internet is insucure ,the only option is unplug it from the internet
    im a Steve Wozniak in a bill gates world

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    Originally posted here by Ghost_25inf
    Sounds to me if you are against the goverment collecting data on you then you must have something to hide.
    Like the fact that you're a member of PETA or Greenpeace? Tell it to the people who were investigated for being communists back in the day.

    Point being, who gets to determine whether I have something to hide? Me? The government? And what if the nothing I have to hide today becomes something tomorrow?
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