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    This is new

    What is it, a joke?
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    It is actually a legitimate effort by google to reduce spyware and such.

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    Hey Hey,

    It was announced at the start of the month, shortly after all of the news came out regarding malware searching with Google binary searches..


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    I actually applaud google for this... it is amazing how many people I encounter that don't realize the threat or even existence of malware... I was working on a friend's grandmother's computer the other day... it was ridiculous... I am not sure if she was looking at pr0n or what... but she had one of the worst infestations that I have ever seen... [she also had not updated since XP came out, as it were... so that might explain a little bit...] I worked on that computer for a couple days straight... and finally got to a point where I declared it clean... hours of updating and running anti-malware/antivirus scans... it was a mess... so if google is at least trying to curb some of this, I can definitely respect that...
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    You also seem to get that page when you use a crappy proxy also..
    i have to disable the proxy then re-search just so i don't get that error page.

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