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    Question VirusKeeper

    Hi there,

    was just wondering if anyone has used the program 'VirusKeeper 2006' and/or
    the program 'PC Security Test' - link: http://www.pc-st.com/us

    This program claims to be pretty good. The security test runs different 'attacks'
    on your PC i.e. portscan, install IE component, unknown virus in memory etc.

    If this program does all it says, it would eliminate the need to have so many other
    programs running.

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    Welcome to AO... check your link address... either you made a mistake typing it, or their server is down... I wouldn't mind checking it out...


    /*Edit: it works now... I spoke too soon */
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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    Hello quickwhizzle , and welcome to AO.

    Well, it appears to be running............or perhaps "retreating" would be more apt?

    It failed the first two, swore at me briefly in French and now seems to have gone into "deep sulk mode"

    I guess it is stalled because my defence mechanisms are fighting amongst themselves as to who has the "honour" of killing it?

    Fair play though..............it hasn't forced a reboot..................yet?

    15 minutes on and it still has not advanced ............ rather amusing watching my stuff defend me? I guess none of them let it get far enough for one to recognise the attack?


    And then it tries to SELL ME THE CRAPWARE!!!!!

    No thanks.............and please don't spam this site with that sort of stuff in future

    EDIT: I actually got it to run!!!!............only by telling one of mine to let it lose in the sandbox ................ it has this "feign" option...............

    I got 100%, 100% and 75% (because I am not using IE, so that is another 100%)

    If anyone is interested, I am experimenting with "Winpooch".......... it phones home.......... or tries to, but I haven't looked into that bit yet. However, the defence seems pretty solid, as my second line didn't even get to see most of the attacks?

    OH! and I don't like the sly attempt to change my web browser default page at the end.

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    Clicking on the sites press tab takes me to their press response email id and no press coverage

    Looks like these guys are still looking at the sky for the press vultures to land

    never knew the firewall...antivirus..other misc. security divas have such big egos!

    Hindsight is an exact science.

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    OK here it is WINPOODLE:


    I am NOT recommending this software as I am still evaluating it myself. It is FREE and GNU Public licence.

    It does seem to phone home, but I have not had chance to find out why..........stopping it does NOT seem to affect what it does.

    I have tried it in a couple of tests, this being one, and it passed with flying colours.

    If you want to try it, remember that you have the middle option "feign", and it just lets the nonsense play with itself in a "sandbox"

    The only criticism I have so far is the splash screen........ hell's teeth, does he think that he is an AO moderator


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