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    help w/ remote connection to home

    Id like to be able to leave my system @ home not logged in or maybe even logged in on a restricted account (for my daughter to play with) but I would like to be able to access it from work w/ full admin rights. What would be a best open source solution for this? Id like to be able to do things like, manage my running torrents, and run archiving programs. Is there a more subtle way to do this then VNC of some kind? I was thinking netcat shh or cryptcat but how much control will I actually have w/ those?

    Both systems win2k

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    You can tunnel VNC over stunnel or ssh.



    If you have 2k server (not pro), you can setup terminal services and use remote desktop.

    With 2k pro, only one user will be able to use the machine at a time. 2k server, you can have multiple users on it at once.

    If you have a NAT router, you will have to use port forwarding to forward an external port to the internal machine.

    BTW: Some torrent clients (like azureus) have plugins that allow you to manage it via the web. So, you don't need terminal or desktop access. It'll load up just like a web page does in your browser.
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    In addition to those suggestions you could ......

    1. Use hamachi www.hamachi.cc

    -- Then you would use vnc

    2. Use Log Me In Free www.loginme.com

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    thanx for your reply ... Net2... do you know if linux and win version of hamachi are interoperable
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    yes they are. Himachi gives you a 'private' vpn address. It's based off of TCP/IP, so assuming that whatever remote program you are using works on the other OS, then you shouldn't have any problems.
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