Wireless bridge vs Access Point
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Thread: Wireless bridge vs Access Point

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    Wireless bridge vs Access Point

    I have read many articles about this topic, but I could not find the short answer.

    These the articles that I have read :


    Does a wireless bridge connect wired (does not have wireless NIC card) devices (PC, Printer, ect) to an AP ?

    I see that LinkSys WAP54G can be configured into operating in four modes :

    1- Access Point.
    2- I omitted this
    3- Wireless Bridging.
    4- I omitted this

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    Both are APs.. They're just configured differently.. The difference is in the layer2 connectivity..

    Non-bridged will have a broadcast domain on the wireless side and a different one on the wired side. You will need to use ip routing the get the traffic from one side to the other..

    In bridged mode the wireless and wired sides will be a single broadcast domain. No need to route the traffic as a wired device will be "directly connected" to a wireless device.

    Basic ethernet & TCP/IP stuff.. It doesn't matter if it's wired, wireless or both.. Read up on ARP and broadcasts, bridging vs. routing..
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