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    C code and script

    Hi...on a solaris system i have certain directories that contain c codes....wat i need to do is write a shell script(or C code) to execute those c codes within the directories and compare there output to certain files....
    could anyone give me a start on this....some useful links on scripting are welcome...
    also how to chk the memory and time taken by those codes when executed through this script?...

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    You may want to use Perl, but that's my own personal bias

    This is a good reference for shell scripting, probably contains what you are looking for. Its advanced stuff that may be helpful, you're simply:
    1. searching every directory for *.c files
    2. compiling and executing the *.c files
    3. storing the output and comparing them

    It doesn't sound too hard, the hardest part would be getting the output (only because I don't know how to do it).
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