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    Question Are you a dual booter and for what purpose?

    I am curios to find out how many people dual boot between Windows and Linux and for what purpose they do it.
    I myself would love to move to Linux full time as I think it's much better, but I rely on Windows too much for gaming, which I suspect is the main reason people dual boot. Anyway, let the poll decide.

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    AO Curmudgeon rcgreen's Avatar
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    I'm not much of a gamer, so for me, it is the thrill
    of setting up the system and making it work. I've
    been dual booting since around 1998, when I first
    started using Linux.

    Actually, my main workstation is Linux-only. My sixteen
    year old daughter's computer died a couple of weeks
    ago, so I gave her a dual boot machine to replace it.
    She prolly won't boot into Linux. These young people
    are so narrow minded and set in their ways.

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    One option was missing on the pole. "Yes, to learn Windows"

    Hello my name is Relyt and I'm a Dual-Booter...

    Much like RC, I have been dual booting for along time. My primary Box has two hdd's and on each drive I usually have two different OS's. hda: SuSE & Win98. hdb: XP & any new critter that comes out like Kubuntu etc. It's fun, the quest for knowledge lives on, work from the house when needed, tinkering, etc.... Primary OS useage: Home - Linux, Work - XP

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    trying to dual boot, to learn linux
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    I dual boot windows / open source because I can't afford to buy a PC for each OS
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    Hey Hey,

    I guess these days I don't count as a dual booter... I used to... Win 98 and a version of Linux, then XP and a version of Linux... I've even been a tri-booter and a quad booter at times...

    Lately however I've seen dual booting as a dying art form... something that isn't needed..

    While on Windows XP (the last operating system on this PC) I had Cooperative Linux setup running Debian, so I had full access to both operating systems without running VMWare/Virtual PC and without dual-booting

    Currently I'm running linux (OpenSuSE 10.1)... I've got VMWare Server with XP, 2K, Various Linux Distros, ReactOS and others... it serves my purposes just fine... Should I require more sitting on the same desk I've got a Mac Mini... it's running Virtual PC with XP on top of OS X.... On the other side of me... an older iMac running Ubuntu... There's my laptop and my girlfriends laptop both within reach also running Ubuntu... lastly there's my gf's desktop which runs XP... rounding out the need..

    With the current state of virtualization, I think that gaming is the only "true" need to dual-boot (If you're a linux user and want to play the Windows games for example)... However, with Cedega I even have the few WIndows games that I play (DoD, CS) available on SuSE.

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    I still dual boot... on my desktop, I have WinXP and Ubuntu [dapper] ... and on my laptop I have WinXP and Redhat 9... I use Linux quite a bit of the time for web browsing... Windows is mainly used for gaming ... and sometimes watching dvds... there are a few things that bug me about Linux though... wireless cards... install files[the packages are fine... but it gets a little old doing the old 'tar -xzvf file' 'cd directory' './configure' 'make' 'make install']... it has come a long way since I started using it though ...
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    on my previous box i duel booted redhat and XP. but not on this one
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    No dual boot, also use VMWare on Windows or Linux, and Parallels for mac, running an XP. Serves my purpose just fine.

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    HT~ said:

    Lately however I've seen dual booting as a dying art form... something that isn't needed..
    That is pretty much the same as over here. I have multiple booted in the past, but have sufficient machines not to need to these days.

    I have a couple of people who dual boot Windows so that they can run bespoke legacy applications, but it is pretty rare these days.

    Second user stuff to run legacy apps on is pretty cheap, so provided that you have the space and don't require mobility, there is no real need?

    I do use live CDs, but I don't regard that as "true" dual booting.

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