Hi, i try to understand how i perform my sybase sql server machine server-client side.

My idea is: develop for myself a database server and client structure program for understand how it works.

The idea i know is sick but i have time and machines for develop myself a database server and client structure but he, if someone have a pages or links where i can find code or schemas for how i want to be start?

well i understand sybase but i need a fresh start for other sources for develop and testing the troubles of i finded on the server schemmas:

- the recall for sql transact.

- the port and protocoll used on servers.

- database structure and usefull indexes

- client mismatch network traffic (overflow network cache)

- some connection errors (directly from database servers)

little list:

sql server 2000, sybase, postgress, mysql, oracle (only network missmatches)

i don't report the technical errors to his vendor because "they don't have a sufficient time" or "is a local error" and i tested this servers with debbuggers, soft ice, memory scanners, background task scanners and decoders..... the list is long

i worked on disassemble the binaryes for find this issues but i choose for develop myself the structure and try to fix and test this troubles founded.

thanks for your time...