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Thread: XP print log

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    XP print log

    I'm trying to find a log of all files printed, on Win XP.
    I've looked in the system log: control panel> admin tools > event viewer

    But it doesn't seem to list print events.
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    Is this local printing or network printing??

    I think you will need a 3rd party software for what you are asking.......unless the machine is acting as a printserver....the network connection and print job can be logged....

    I think... it used to in NT4.

    Dont know how much info it would give you though???

    a quick google search should give you what you need.

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    Hi djhuk, I don't think it does log print jobs, neither does Win 2000 from what I can see.

    I have come across this requirement a few times at lawyers, accountants, consultants, contractors and the like, as it is used to bill clients and allocate internal costs.

    If that is what you are thinking of, then here are a couple of examples:


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