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    I have decided to dual boot the system since I had a free 10GB partition
    This is not alot of space for XP...my current windows folder is about 3.5 gigs...grant it I could clean up some of the hot fix sp uninstall dirs..

    Now ...put some games on it......your pushing it.

    Also...how much ram you got.........xp loves ram......the more the better.

    It seems you can only change the ACL's if you boot to Safe Mode..
    Sorry....forgot to mention that

    was into the wine

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    Well im only planning on using it for windows live messenger so i dont need much space. Also i have 392MB of ram so i think im pretty safe but i only have a 500 mhz proccesor.
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    You don't want to limit yourself for room to manouver.

    One factor that prevents some people from upgrading their computers to WinXP is the OS' system requirements. If you have not upgraded, make sure your system meets these necessities.

    According to Microsoft, WinXP Home and Professional require a 233MHz or higher processor (300MHz recommended), 64MB of RAM or more (128MB recommended), 1.5GB of available hard drive space, 800 600 resolution (Super VGA [video graphics array]) or higher video adapter and monitor, CD-ROM drive, keyboard, and mouse or other pointing device.
    It's also a good idea to test your current system's hardware for compatibility with WinXP. Microsoft's Upgrade Adviser applet will perform this task for you. To use Upgrade Advisor, visit the WinXP Compatibility Resources And Information Web page (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/c...ty/default.asp) and click the Upgrade Advisor link.

    As many frustrated WinXP users have discovered, Microsoft's recommended requirements are insufficient to run a heavily loaded system at full boogie. Extra power becomes even more crucial if you work with large multimedia or graphics files or run several programs at once. If you want your WinXP computer to zip along, you will need a 600MHz processor at a minimum, 256MB of RAM (512MB is even better), a 1,024 x 768 video card, and a 20GB hard drive.

    Most newer PCs (those less than two years old) exceed these requirements with the exception of RAM. Sufficient memory is one of the main factors in getting WinXP to scream, and RAM is so inexpensive these days that there is no excuse not to have enough.
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    I was quite happy with my P2-350 running XP.. No problems.. Played games et al.. It had 392MB ram..
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    RAM is the key, there is actually very little difference between a PIII/533 and a PIII/733 in my experience.

    I had a machine in last week. PIII/733 with 64Mb of PC133 RAM. At first I thought the monitor was dead, as it took about 5 minutes to even show that contact had been made!

    I stuck in another 64Mb of RAM and it improved considerably, but was still unacceptable IMO......as in "I would rather have a 486"

    It had on board video, so I stuck an old 16Mb PCI card in it, and that improved the boot up, a bit more. So I deleted XP and reinstalled Win98SE and it worked just fine. I guess it was OK originally with 64Mb of RAM of which 16Mb was "shared" with the onboard video.

    Video sharing the RAM can be a killer, because it doesn't "share" it "steals"

    With 256Mb of RAM you should expect a performance identical to 9x and W2K, for "light usage". Beyond that there is pretty good bang per buck up to 512Mb. Beyond that and you would need to be running more "heavy duty" applications to appreciate it.

    My preference for "specification challenged" machines is Win2K, but you need to watch out for drivers as you probably have legacy peripherals to deal with as well.

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    Why are you so interested in Windows Live messanger ? Is it because you can talk with people with Yahoo ID.. Just curious.. Why upgrade for a messanger from Microsoft...
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    Hi there Byte~ I have pointed out that he CAN run it (well at least a reasonably stable version) under W2K.

    If he wants to run MS beta crap, well, let him learn in the University of hard knocks?

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