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    Google Advertising...

    Hello all!

    Interested in peoples thoughts on sites that use Google Advertising - discovered that a site I use sent out the following URL to Google:


    the search on the SITE that I was carrying out, plus MY zip code


    The site I'm coming from...


    The site page that I was accessing...


    The name of the PERSON I was looking up.


    The site that I am coming from again.

    I would be interested to know peoples thoughts on sites going through and sending information that you thought was confidential through to Google for customised adverts...

    Is this standard for site adverts (that they send whatever info they have on you through to Google)?



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    Honestly, soon as you go online, you should expect no privacy, because everyone from your isp, to the web pages you visit are collecting data on you. Most of it is not personally identifiable, but they want to know what part of the world you are from, what your screen resolution is, what pages you visited and for how long. Those are the types of data being collected in most cases.

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