Besides the ones listed below the one that might be of interest to some users here is the Draft on XP Home Security Checklist:

NIST announces that the following DRAFT Special Publications (SP) are now available for public comment:

1) SP 800-45A, Guidelines on Electronic Mail Security,
2) SP 800-94, Guide to Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) Systems,
3) SP 800-95, Guide to Secure Web Services, and
4) SP 800-101, Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics.

These draft publications and requested dates for comments can be found on the CSRC Draft Publications page. The URL for the NIST CSRC Drafts Publications page is:

NIST is also pleased to announce the final release of SP 800-86, Guide to Integrating Forensic Techniques into Incident Response. The publication is intended to help organizations in handling computer security incidents and troubleshooting some information technology (IT) operational problems by providing practical guidance on performing computer and network forensics. SP
800-86 describes the processes for performing effective forensics activities in support of incident response, and it provides advice regarding different data sources, including files, operating systems, network traffic, and applications. Several scenarios involving the use of forensic techniques are also included as the basis for tabletop exercises. URL to view the SP 800-86 document is: