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    Ahem...I think its long time I am posting another post here...was just busy with other things..nevertheless I was reading things here.....

    Well in my opinion, I think McAfee is going to launch their own FORUM like AO....to get more users there....or why else in the world would that company tell that AO is a RED FLAGGED site??? I never got any malicious softwares from here!!!
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    1. This McAfee stuff is pretty new, so it still has some "features" to be worked out

    2. They are not worried about AO as such, that was my complaint was it not? They just run a robotic, brainless scan, and I am sure that many security sites get the same rating for the same reason.

    3. You can get malicious software from here, because people will post zero day stuff that is hitting their systems. That is what security sites are for?

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    Heh, even NOD32 (IMHO, the best antivirus I've ever used) flags grubfordos as a "possible unknown boot sector virus". False positives are a fact of life, especially when you use heuristics.

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