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    spycar, consumer reports

    Good Morning,

    Couple of days ago..dalek had posted info about the spycar project. Well, spycar is in news again.


    PS: if someone has already posted this article, i'd delete this post.
    Hindsight is an exact science.

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    Actually, I think that it is Consumer Reports that is in the news?

    I think that CR have screwed this one up because they did not RTFI

    Spycar is specifically designed to test interactive blocking capabilities, not after the event installations. Retrospective scans are based on patterns..............so if your product detects something after the event, but does not block it in the first place it isn't much bloody good IMO. Also it would mean that they have cheated, and added Spycar to their signatures.

    I just re-ran Spycar on IE which I have on high security. The first thing I get is a warning that what I am about to do may harm my computer

    All the tests were blocked or unable to run (last time I downloaded them and ran them from the HDD as administrator)

    This time I had SpySweeper running as well..............it never got a look in, and detected absolutely nothing, the others beat it to the punch. It does catch stuff though, because there are things in its quarantine, I guess it is just the way it works and possibly because it was the last one I installed, where it is in the pecking order?

    I haven't gotten round to testing each one individually yet, but the combination certainly seems to work

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