Mainly looking for ideas as to what I need to implement.

heres the situation:

We have baout 10 offices located throughout a state...each office needs to be able to share files and what not with other offices, however it must be secure as this information deals with Sensitive Patient Data. Most of these offices are separated by at least 80+ miles.

So Security is a very high priority.

I thought about maybe setting up a VPN to a central server somewhere, but not sure I really want to have to buy VPN equipment for all the offices and set it all up.

Looking to see if maybe their is some easier way, but as secure...I thought about maybe setting up a central File server that would be passworded, but I dont' think that would be secure enough for holding sensitive data. Since it would be possible to run something to capture the data from that office to the server a little to easy.

I think maybe something that would both encrypt the data where it is stored...encrypt it while its being transmitted...and be least 2 stage authentication.

Kinda new to this area of IT, just trying to see what some of your guys opinions are.