Domain Controller running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition: Single Forest/Tree/Domain;

Day-1 Normal Backup Of System State;

Day-2 Create New OU with 100 New User Accounts;

Day-3 Accidentally deleted the New OU with 100 New User Accounts;

Is it possible to restore the new OU with 100 New User Accounts?

The reason I ask this question is, I'm reading how to authoritatively restore Object[s] from

http://www.microsoft.com/technet/its...og5.mspx#E6OAC and

in Step-4 it says,

Ntdsutil will start the attempt to mark the object as authoritative. The output message will indicate the status of the operation. The most common cause of failure is an incorrectly specified distinguished name, or a backup for which the DN does not exist (which would occur if you tried to restore a deleted user that was created after the backup).

So, if I take the above example, authoritative restore of OU using Ntdsutil results in a failure as I'm attempting to restore deleted OU that was created after the backup.

How will this scenario be resolved without having to add 100 user accounts again?