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    Windows Data Protection Manager

    Recently I was asked to do some research on Microsoft's Data Protection Manager. I found a number of sites that explain the HOWTO set it up, and what it does exactly. I understand it is an application that can be merged onto Windows Server 2k3 that takes roughly 8 snapshots a day of a server. I understand all the priciples behind it, and have more than enough white pages on it to set it up and read about how great it is and how it is suppose to help out greatly in data recovery and replace tape back-up and that loveliness dealing with reduced cost as far as off-site tape data recovery.

    I was wondering if any of you were aware of some of the flaws of using this application. I'm still scowering the net looking for as much info on it as I can find. And you guys have been a fount of knowledge so far . So is anybody aware any potential bugs?

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    How about 8 ounces of C-4?

    If anyone thinks that they can replace offsite storage and recovery, they honestly have no place in IT security.

    Although, English is probably not your first language, so you doubtless did not mean it in that way?

    Remember if you want disaster recovery and you want business continuity then you have to think offsite. Just think about downtown New Orleans after Katrina for example?

    Beware the "snake oil" merchants my friend, they will tell you anything they think you want to hear

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    Maybe I should rephrase the question:

    Has anyone used this application and if so, what are some of the pros and cons you have experienced with this particular service?

    I never once said I thought about not utilizing off-site storage: That would be ludacrous. And besides that's not my department.

    I'm just looking for some feedback on the application.

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