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    convert a cain .lst file to .lc4 format


    I've managed to sniff a password off the lan using cain, and now i want to crack it using lc4... can anyone help me convert my .lst hash into a format l0phtcrack understands?

    here is the (real) cain hash...
    13/12/2010 - 10:58:15;;;Administrator;WORKSTATION1;;NTLM Session Security (NTLMSSP);0196ADC56FD8DE790000000000000000;0EB54A9DDE457737F835196AC4CAD07A;C2C6EF20E88EA8DA;0000000000000000;16E00702832E5ABD;BF409E3124A86652B7B01F0A09321A94;Success;

    an example .lc4 file would also be helpful...


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    is it possible that you could run something like John The Ripper on it instead of trying to convert files and crack with l0phtcrack?

    And its been a long time since i've run Windows - but does Cain sniff now? And if it sniffs shouldn't it also be able to crack, aswell (Cain, I thought, originally cracked local Window shares)? Is Abel still around?

    edit: I found this link: http://antionline.com/showthread.php...0&pagenumber=3

    Maybe it may be of some use to you. Its always a good idea to search the forums before posting.
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    yep cain can sniff, and abel is still around... grab it at oxid.it

    i am willing to use whatever... i just have to crack a smb session login hash + challenge...
    i tried doing it within cain using some rainbow tables (posted by the shmoo group) but nothing happens...

    and ive cracked passwords in l0pht with rainbowtables before... so im just guessing that will be the fastest method.

    cmon guys, help a brother out!

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