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    How do I make a Proxy?

    [gloworange]How do I make a Proxy?[/gloworange] My group and I have decided to switch to a home network, I want to be a little on the Safe/cheap/experimental side and build a proxy. I have a computer with no software 2 hard drives, two CD drives, and one floppy drive. I was using it as a Linux box but I wiped it.
    I want to know, step by step, how to build a proxy that can support multiple machines connecting to the internet at the same time.
    Here is what I was going to do:
    1. Configure one hard drive to be the Master and the other to be it’s slave.
    2. Install an old copy of Windows 2000 on it and update it as needed (SP4- by the way- how do I get that without my 2k being online?)
    3. Download and install ‘Freeproxy 3.81 Build 1527' ‘WinGate 6.1.4' ‘Proxy+ 3.00.250' ‘Proxy 4.14' ‘WinProxy 5.2a’ or something like that.
    4. Switch the DSL to that computer (now proxy server)
    5. Hook up the wireless router to the proxy server
    6. Enjoy

    Did I get it all right? Please I would love anyone’s input links or comments.
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    Looks about right.. But why not reinstall Linux and use Squid?
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    Smoothwall might do the trick for you


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    The Smoothwall looks great- does it need an operating system? or is it a stand alone or live CD type of thing.
    As for staying with Linux- I installed Unbunu, didn't like it, hacked it, and desided to get rid of it. i tried to install a few other distro's but they refuse to over write unbuntu. So i wiped the drives and the distros still refuse to install! I think the drives might be faulty because i had Win98 on there and .dll's were going missing all the time
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    I actually wanted it to be more geared towards a proxy that i could dial in to from an out side source and use the proxy's IP and maybe have the user side encrypted for anonymization. I'm thinking in the future I could build another machine just like this one, stash it away in a wall somewhere, and remote into it for total anonymization if anyone ever came looking. Protection from sites or people like http://www.hostip.info/
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    I would doubt that you could ever achieve total anon...

    However for the other items in your post, check out TOR

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    You want protection from people like those mentioned in your link?

    Interactive IP Address Map
    ... actually we haven't a clue.
    IP found in 0.0016 seconds

    Sign up with BTInternet, the largest provider in the UK........... and apparently anonymous?

    OK, serious now:

    Your router/firewall/proxy machine is a comms bottleneck for your home network. Whilst I fully agree with the idea of using older equipment for these and other mundane/repetitive tasks, you do need to do a bit of groundwork first.

    Trust me, trouble shooting is a big enough PITA without throwing in random hardware variables at the outset!!!

    1. Clean out the whole thing, and check the contacts.
    2. Use MemTest86 to check the RAM:


    3. Get the diagnostics tools from your HDD manufacturer(s) and run them. Either from a bootable floppy set/CD or on another machine with the drive slaved.

    And think about the fact that there is no such thing as anonymous on the internet............it wasn't designed or built that way.

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