Hi, I'm going to buy a Nokia Firewall. Actually, I'm plannig to buy two of them so I can build some kind of high avaibility cluster. My candidates are IP260 or IP265 or, if the budget allows it, IP390. What I've been seeing is that the main difference between 260 and 265 is that 260 has an HDD and 265 doesn't. The 390 can be configured with or without HDD as well. I'm coming from an old nokia IP110 that did have HDD. What I can't imagine is what is a diskless configuration usefull for, I mean, since the diskless (flash memory based) configurations have much less space avaible I guess you should use an external machine in order to be able to collect the logs and other stuff? As you can see I'm pretty lose on that one so I will appreciate any comment about it.

Thank you all.