I would be great, if one or more user(s) can verify this for me.

CHECKSUM PROBLEM : Outpost 4 (RC) uses SHA256 algorithm for generating, storing and verifying component's

I checked a log entry :

6:52:13 AM Component checksum stored SPYWAREBLASTER.EXE c:\windows\system32\wshtcpip.dll f53479add38200ece2a210425a7b74da

Even looking at the checksum one can make out that it is not SHA256.. Anyway I decided to check the same file for checksum using :

MD5 : a7f95a53ee055115df03588997a47d4d

SHA1: 81c4564e21f028a0e968b3fb1822c3485ba46e84

SHA256: adb69154056c32118112e2be4af4c8672ea477b88794c9e561e2189c9fb15020

SHA384: df68c20cad498f576237dd27db9ce745d04c60a9125db1eb5744ef07dcbbac81aac6b0d3af1183008b190215a23d8ebf

SHA512: 1a71618c10c53b7151fa0edde94a7153232078775409b6a260aae448d3fb2b714712be023deaa3eb28aeca72e1dfe1b55131323d1f9b1f1f91adf480139840a8

Clearly the software doesnt use SHA256 (well, not even SHA1).. Moreover it doesnt (atleast I dont think so) uses MD5 although it looks similar the checksum generated is different ( FILE HAS NOT CHANGED )

I really want someone to confirm this.