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    wmp colour problems

    When i try to play certain videos in wmp, the only colours displayed are green and red. Other files play fine. Im using wmp 9. Anyone have any ideas? I had this problem before but it fixed itself.

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    Are these DVDs by any chance...........I have come across that because WMP is not a DVD player out of the box..........you need a plugin for it.

    You may have a codec that "sort of" recognises the format, but isn't decoding it properly.

    Is there anything consistent about the particular videos it won't handle?

    You will have doubtless checked your drivers and version of WMP. Have you considered going to WMP10, or tested another player?

    Obviously you can get this sort of problem with a card that is on the way out. Is there anything to suggest that these videos are more stressful or demanding than ones that work?

    You might try here for their video card testing tool: http://freestone-group.com/

    I would also check that you have all the latest codecs.

    I am a little concerned that you had the problem before and it went away. That is not typical of software problems. Perhaps cleaning the video card contacts and firmly reseating it might help. Check your fans whilst you are in there

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    I got it sorted.
    Changed the video acceleration in wmp.

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