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    Here are two tables that summarise information from 1994-2005


    I do not recall the Durons being marketed with a different speed rating scheme to the Athlon.. the Duron dissappeared from the market not long after the XP+'s hit the shelves..
    The Duron used true clock speed as opposed to a performance rating that came in with the XP version of Athlons. Durons were around for quite a while and I built many of them. For some time, and up until the Sempron, you only seemed to be able to get the 1.3GHz version readily, although there were some faster ones for a short while before the Sempron was launched, around August 2004. The Athlon XP came out in October 2001, so they were on the market together for almost 3 years.

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    Thanks very much, this has answered many questions. The link however for the image over at toms hardware resulted in a 500 Server error, perhaps I should try again later. Ive been going though toms hardware and see there is a wealth of hardware benchmarks, reviews and other interesting articles.

    It is interesting to see that AMD Athlon K7 used an amazeing 128K L1 cache

    There was a Slot A standard for a version of the Athlon/K7 never seen one so cant confirm.
    Here you go http://www.cpu-collection.de/?tn=0&l...n#K7500MTR51BC
    An AMD Athlon K7 in a Slot A SECC Package

    Thanks alot everybody, especialy Nihil Can I visit your store room some time
    Were the Xeons tall and square? In the pictures its hard to tell. But the Slot 2 looks like its a lengthly slot while the Xeon does not look that long?

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