I couldnt find a better place to put this but I am pretty sure it is related to the network or my PC somehow.

I am telneting into a Cisco 3750 switch and the timeout on the switch is set to 5 minutes.

It will randomly come up with the below message after a sporadic amount of time. It could be a minute it could be two.

It will also happen when I am in the middle of typing commands. It just started happening on my laptop and havent see it before. I dont know if it is happening to anyone else.
* Line timeout expired

Connection to host lost.
Dell Laptop
Windows XP Pro
Hard wired into network
Tried from different VLANs
timing is sporadic < 5min
switch timeout is set to 5 minutes
Tried by doing Start>Run>cmd> telnet switchname
Tried with Putty
Same result on both

let me know what else you need to know.