Pakistanís first conference on Hacking & Security is being organized. It will be the first ever conference of its kind. The conference will be held in Lahore in the mid of December this year. We are currently looking for talented people who would be interested in organizing this event. We are constantly being joined by organizations and individuals, but we believe that there is a world of talent out there. So, if you have been into the computer underworld in any way or have been working in digital security systems, itís the right time to join the right force. We are looking for talented organizers as well as good speakers. If you have been using someone elseís tools and calling yourself a hacker, please drop the idea of coming to CHASE2006. We, in no way need scrip-kiddies/lamers. Please contact only if you have adequate knowledge of computer underground / security and have been working like a professional team member in the past.
We are looking for sponsors, speakers, web designers, finance managers, set designers, hi-end animators and graphic artists. If you think you can contribute to this event in any way, please fire an email or call us today.

We prefer to have people with blackhat/whitehat hacking experience who have worked in different underground groups. It can include hardware/software hacking. In-depth knowledge of networks, programming and other digital systems will be highly appreciated.

We are online at

Please do not mail to the official chase emails. We are taking regional requests at this time. Following is the contact for Islamabad, Peshawar and Hazara region.

Taufeeq Elahi

University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila
GSM : 0304-5001195


The topics on which your work can be based upon (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO) are the following :

Trojan development, worms, malware, intelligent agents, protocol exploits, application security, web security, database hacking, privacy issues, criminal law, civil law, international law/treaties, 802.11X, bluetooth, cellular telephony protocols, privacy, identity theft, identity creation, fraud, social implications of technology, media/film presentations, hardware hacking, embedded systems hacking, smartcard technologies, credit card and financial instrument technologies, surveillance, counter-surveillance, *****peer technologies, copyright theft, critical infrastructure issues, physical security, social engineering, DoS attacks and corporate espionage.