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    Does anybody know of any good tutorials that can help use snort for windows.

    thank you

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    You might make a start by registering here:

    and looking here:

    It is very difficult for anyone to answer your question without some idea of what you already know and understand, and with out more specifics.
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    I am a newbie to snort and have no experience on how to use it, but i have registered.

    I just wanted to see if anybody had any useful links to tutorials that would help a newbie learn snort.

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    You are probably better off just downloading the official documentation. (take the pdf to kinkos or any other print place and they'll print it out and bind it for you. i have a machine at work that does this and it is the best way i've found.)

    The tutorials out there are most likely outdated. Snort changes so frequently that the only way to stay up to date is with the official documentation.

    snort 2.4 docs

    snort 2.6 docs

    I'm in the process of testing an upgrade to 2.6... there are considerable changes between 2.4 and 2.6 as far as preprocessors, dynamic processors and configs are concerned. fun stuff!
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