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Thread: newbies-how to avoid some spam

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    newbies-how to avoid some spam


    this one's strictly for newbies since most experienced members might know this.

    while registering to a website, it usually asks for a valid email address so that they can send you the tip of the i mean the verification mail.

    here is an easier way for avoiding getting spammed after you register.

    you may create a temporary email address at , allot it the time for which it will be alive, get your verification mail delivered by spambox to your real email addy and voila!

    mOd! i've put it this in newbie security questions instead of (as originally thought) in GCC since this forum and it's topics are visible on the ao main page without logging in.

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    Thank you!
    This is a usefull site

    Notwithstanding, I still have to give my e-mail addres to that site, hmm?
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    Yeah, but this site won't spam you. Many of the people on here are admins who have to deal with spam on a regular basis. You would be hard pressed to find anybody here who agrees with spamming I think.
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    i still prefer my spam on toast with tomato sauce.

    good tip chizra. Might take a little longer to setup etc, but at the end of the day it's worth the effort.

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