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    How Do I Create Domain User

    I Have A User Name And Password of the Administrator of domain and i want to create a user on a domain. please help

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    you need to be more specific.

    could be a NT$ domain in which case you would use user manager for domains, or Windows 2000/2003 in which case you would use Active Directory USers and Computers.

    Need more information ?

    However you state you have user name and password for domain administrator, does that mean you are the admin or just have access to the account.

    If so this is not a how to hack or cary out illegal activiites site, it is a professional security forum and so only legitimate requests for information will be answered, besides if you are indeed the amdinistrator then you would know how to create a user so that leads me to conculed you are not and have just come across the admin account and passowrd in which case you will be doing potential dmage to someone elses system
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    As geepod says, we could do with a bit more information on what your environment is and exactly what you want to do.

    Here is a Microsoft article that may help............the creating users section is about half way down:


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    I don't Want to Hack some one account or Damage a System i just want to how do i create a account on domain, because are IT Persons Are changing the password of that account befor that i want to create account on domain so were i can continously use that domain account without interrupting some one else.
    so please help me if u can.

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    Well you have already been told how to do it....AD or user manager

    Log onto the server and depending on the OS will depend on how you do it.

    AND Nihil even provided a link

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