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    What kind of issues can I expect from new Job? :)

    Hey guys, I'm going to start my new job, in a big building running around fixing computer/printer issues and such in a Win 2000/XP environment. I was wondering what kind of issues will I be encountering most likely, you think? So I can be prepared ahead of time. Thanks.

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    Lost Icons
    Lost files
    Accidently deleted files
    Domain logon issues
    Domain lockouts
    Forgotten passwords
    How the hell do I use...... feature with ...... application
    why does ..... application lose my files when I dont save them
    Internet access problems..
    - Why is bigboobs.com not accessable, but Sam in accounts can access it..
    Email problems
    - Lost mail, deleted mail, miss-sent mail
    - cant access mail, account errors

    Sticky mice, stuck keys on Keyboard... application lockups

    then we get to hardware/OS issues
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    Hi kyrios, I won't bother to add to Undies~ list, although I most certainly could!.

    My advice is to wait and see when you get there. A lot will depend on what you "inherit" so to speak.

    1. User education and general computer literacy.
    2. Standardisation of software deployments.
    3. Standardisation of hardware deployments.
    4. Formal software updating procedures.
    5. IT or User control over software deployment.
    6. Availability of tools such as remote support applications, reference machines etc.
    7. Your SLAs.
    8. Their AUPs.

    That is the top level; problems in the detail tend to originate up here

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