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    Pope Benedict XVI's citation of "the erudite Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus" was historically accurate. Islamists did follow "the command to spread by the sword the faith [Muhammad] preached." They inhabit the kind of bellicose society liberalism has done so much to bleach out of America. As a result, despite having brave soldiers armed with high-tech weapons who win every pitched battle, America teeters on the edge of military collapse from a lack of will to do what is needed, on a large enough scale and long enough to defeat Islamic militants.

    Is the west doomed? Is Bin laden going to enjoy a victory parade down Pennsylvania avenue?
    Which major party politicians will be rolling the red carpet out for him? Stay tuned to rcgreen's
    insane rants.
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    wars are not won by who has the neatist toys, they are won the side with the most willingness to lose troops.I think this war is telling in that the group that most supports our little iraqi adventure (young, male, wealthy, republican) is also the group least likely ot sign up for the military. Look if there where an actual, you know threat to america you would see the sleeping giant rise...but know one has ever signed up to die for colonialism.

    Perhaps if the war where actualy about getting bin laden and we had stayed foucused in afganistan things would be diferent, but has anything bushco has done shon you that they where serious about getting bin laden?
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