Securing gov, military and intelligence sites
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Thread: Securing gov, military and intelligence sites

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    Securing gov, military and intelligence sites

    Hey all,
    I was wondering if you can point me to any resources; books, sites, standards, papers etc on how to secure important networks and sites such government, military, intelligence.....

    - Trusted environment
    - Physical security
    - Access control
    - Remote access (not a good idea but if needed)
    - Defence in depth strategies
    - Classification of assets
    - Platforms
    - New Technologies
    - Anything, anything, anything

    Advice and tips would be great as well

    Really appreciated


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    Here is what we use:


    Enjoy. The sites are obfuscated, but contain some decent material and guidelines.

    As for personal tips ect, I really can't help you as in my long years of gov't contracting the lines have blurred for what is 'classified'. So, my best advice is, if you can access it via those links, you can know about it.

    Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have based upon material you find on those two sites.
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    Check the briefings and technical notes

    Might get something here.

    Quite a lot in there

    Tho a lot of the stuff isn't restricted it still isn't put into general circulation.

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    Thank you all for the links, reading away and will add more when i find them


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