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    Help on Nero burning CD

    Hello i hope you can help me on this, here is what happend.

    A Friend of mine went to london visiting and toke some photos, and burned a CD of photos with nero,don't know the version.

    when i arrived home, he wanted to burn some more photos on the same cd, when i press the button to burn the Nero warnd this:

    "The Disc introduced is not empty, but the burning mode is "start-Multisession" or with "no multisession".
    This way you can't access the informations already burned on the cd trought the windows explorer, do you wish that nero carry on with the burning.
    My friend answerd "yes".

    As nero told him, i can't access the information that he already burned on the cd, in this case, the photos he toke when visitin London. It only shows up the recent photos he burned.
    Is there a way that i can access those photos he toke in London?
    Thanks for all the help.
    My Best Regards

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    Hi yuris, this is a rather complicated one, so you will have to find out a bit more information for me if I am going to be able to help.

    1. The pictures may still be on the camera's flash memory card, even if you have deleted them, so it may be possible to recover them that way. Depending on the equipment used the card's MMU may well continue to add data into unused space. This technique is designed to prolong the life of the card by ensuring that the same transistors are not used repeatedly.

    I would suggest looking at the memory card with a recovery tool. One might even have come bundled with the software.

    2. I would have hoped that the pictures were downloaded to the HDD of the PC BEFORE the original CD was burnt. In which case they should still be there, or once again, should be recoverable using recovery software.

    3. When you finish a CD burn in Nero it asks you if you want to save the ISO (disk image?). If this was done then it will be possible to burn another CD from this.

    You might like to look into those possibilities?

    I have not tried this technique, but it may work:

    4. Get roadkil's "unstoppable copier" and copy everything from the CD to the HDD. It does this on a file by file basis and may well copy the "hidden files" (they are still on the CD if it is write only). That should make them accessible again.


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    Whats for the reply, but i have manged to access the information with IsoBuster. It worked fine :P
    My Best Regards

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