What kind of site benefits can I earn?
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Thread: What kind of site benefits can I earn?

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    What kind of site benifits can I earn?

    There is a spot on the page when I log in that says

    "Earned Site Benefits

    # You have not yet earned any AntiPoint Benefits."

    I do not see a faq any where that descibes what kind of benefits I can earn.

    Does anyone know or will I get flamed for asking?

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    Actually in the forum you posted in there is a sticky about Antipoints:

    Also in the top right hand corner of the main page there is a FAQ button:

    That addresses a lot of questions.

    This is kind of an Index for the FAQ:

    That should get you started.
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    This is the FAQ:


    Warning! it says "antipoints", but apart from the ability to give antipoints that count, the only benefit that I am aware of that actually involves antipoints is the "custom titles" The rest seem to be based on posts.

    OH! and if you are a very good boy, a kindly moderator will correct the typos in your thread titles
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    Can a learn to be an elite supermod reality facer like you when I grow up?

    I would also like to point out how " accurate" the sites "proxy detector" is

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    Come on now, its one thing coming here with what "could" be considered complaints, some were listening. Now you've turned it into antagonizing and prodding. There is no point in it other than possibly cause trouble for those who are here that have nothing to do with your past nor what you want for a future.

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    "Earned Site Benefits

    # You have not yet earned any AntiPoint Benefits."
    Site benefits, are exactly that benefits/bonuses of the site. The real benefit here at AO is learning and gaining knowledge in what you love to do.

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