Its simple and its open to everyone.. Just put down YOUR FAVOURITE LOVE SONG.. I would really appriciate it if you keep the list to a minimum... There are 100's of love songs out there.. But I really want to know which one really touches your heart (now please dont go back and say all of them touch your heart, I know that fact.. but which is that one special one that stands out)

I have read about the thread regarding a wallpaper of antionline but like that this one will not die out... Trust me I dont give up on and in love..

If it is possible I want everyone to participate... Ill make A cd after one month (or maybe one month + few days) and put up ISO for downloading..

Now its always best for the thread started to put down his own choice first but for those who know it I'm seaching for a particular song.. Ill mostly get it by next week (I found about 50 old tapes and Ill go through all of them .. so I dont think I head that song on the FM but in a tape)

But for the time being.. I would like to start of with what my Love likes the most..

When you say nothing at all - RONAN KEATING

(ill add more that I like)

Oh, as a final thought dont add more then 5 songs.. I dont want the ISO to be 2Gb and then see most of the members not download it.

Suggestion's are always welcomed