First let me state its 4:30am and im working on my 2nd 2liter of Mt Dew so if i miss spell somthing or im unclear im sorry.
Im working with the latest copy of backtrack and experimenting on my own network. Back track is running on a laptop that is connected via ath0 to a wrt54g that is the dhcp/gateway. from that gateway a wire runs to a 10/100/100 netgear 5 port switch and my desktop is connected to that running winder$ xp (no thats not a spelling mistake)

Im trying to arp spoof the network so i can understand how to MITM Https for a paper i am writing for school on network security.

My network is based on the subnet

If i type
arpspoof -t
.106 = windows box
.101 = backtrack
I get an error
that says it "couldn't arp for host"
I did a search and all i found was somthign saying i was trying to spoof on a differnt subnet even though im not. If i used Eithercap every thing works fine....
Any ideas? Thank you -TheX1le