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    Windows Vista and disk imaging

    It seems that if you use a disk image program like Norton ghost or acronis you can make an image that is portable to any machine. No matter what the hardware configuration is.

    I think that's a great idea. The HAL must be totally separate from the registry or something.
    In spite of all the M$ bashing that goes on everywhere I think they rock!

    They just need to be free and release thier source code.

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    Nice info to have:
    What little experience I've had with windows vista has involved formatting and reinstalling a working OS. So I'm not sold, yet.

    As for the last statement..... puff, puff, pass. hey, you haven't passed yet. PARTY FOUL!!!!!
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    Not only will Vista do auto HAL recognition but if you are using Ximage (or what ever it will be called when it goes live) in conjunction with WIMs you can do image updates and maintance using your superior administrative drag and drop skills.

    Microsofts' BDD kit for Vista and office 2007
    and a bulleted break out of their basic deployment improvements

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