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Thread: need help again

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    need help again

    ok, how would i go about using a putty? can i use it with a limited account?

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    have you tried running putty on the machine?

    Or are you just asking the question without trying.?

    if it doesn't run then use admin rights to run it, if you don't have admin rights then ask the administrator of the computer if you can use it.
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    IIRC you don't have to install putty, you just run it from its directory.

    So you should be able to run it with a limited account, unless there are policies in place to further restrict your account,
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    If you have XP SP2, there is a workaround that you need to install first.

    They may have fixed the problem by now tho.
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    I run putty from XP SP2 all the time, no problem. The latest version is 0.58 and should pose no problems with XP.
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    trolling again troulz
    you've already missed the record for fastest removal
    and you are only at two red dots cos no one gives a damn

    sad really
    so just for you

    you have to use putty
    or your windows will fall out
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