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    C++ Windows Networking

    I am working on a programming project with C++ that requires windows networking. I have never worked with networking /or sockets within windows, only linux. I now realize there is a great difference between how the two different kernels handle networking/sockets; I thought that I would be able to skim the code I already have and pick up on the differences, but alas I must be getting too old for this ****. I have been looking with google and have been to the book store, but have yet to find any good comprehensive tutorials/books on windows networking.

    If any of you could point me in the direction of a good tutorial website or book for writing network code in C++ for windows, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Is Visual Studio.NET an option? I only know C#, and the built-in tools for C# (in VS.NET) are impressive - I assume it's the same for (Visual) C++ ? I just checked ProQuest/Safari, and there are quite a few Visual C++ books; most of them focus on web programming, though (C++ and ADO.NET)...

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    No, I have to work with a lot of pre-written code which is in C++, so it has to be C++; it is not web based.

    I could use visual studio(have never used it before), but I was planning on just using something like DevC++ or Bloodshed

    I would personally like to avoid .Net as much as possible

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    I have found these three examples in c (client[1], server[2],
    webserver[3]) quite useful - in particular, since they work,
    depending on some precompiler options, on Windows and on BSD-
    based systems. Nice to see the difference.

    Otherwise, there is a pile of tutorials out there (but as usual,
    which one is useful). I have found these two[4,5] not too bad.
    Also check the references herein[6].

    I also have written some examples, which I have published here
    on AO, e.g. [7] (multicast)

    I would personally like to avoid .Net as much as possible
    Just considering this particular project, that's fine.
    Otherwise, honestly, this is a strategic mistake


    [1] http://www.csee.usf.edu/~christen/tools/client.c
    [2] http://www.csee.usf.edu/~christen/tools/server.c
    [3] http://www.csee.usf.edu/~christen/tools/weblite.c
    [4] http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb...=2241&lngWId=3
    [5] http://www.exegesis.uklinux.net/gand...sock/index.htm
    [6] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...r=1#post802703
    [7] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...r=1#post841052
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    I could have sworn that somewhere I might have mentioned C++ not C, but still, thanks

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