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    Imagine a small country in East Europe, called Hungary.

    If you have never ever heard about this country,
    it is high time you had.

    Our parents and grandparents fought for democracy in 1956 against the communist (russian) regime and were all killed or been deported to Siberia.
    You may believe - it was one of the bravest things on Earth to appear in the streets
    to demonstrate and fight against them when you know
    that in each families there were many killed, tourtured, and disappeared relatives.
    Those who survived, had to live in communist terror with their mouth strictly shut up
    over decades again.

    Strange thing that in 1990 there was a silent
    democratic "change" in Hungary that lead Hungary to become member of the EU but all this has proved to be a lie - simply nothing - by 2006.

    Nowadays, the brave young and old democrats had to go out in the streets again to
    protest and fight against the enemies of democracy - the communist dictatorship.

    Maybe you saw on Tv, maybe not
    how democracy is being beaten back under the ground in Hungary by the liar, Ferenc Gyurcsany!

    Now he himself and his apparatus are going to close the only democratic tv station,
    Hirtv in Hungary. All HirTv's "sin" is doing nothing, but being the only tv station
    daring to interprete and transmit the truth to the World.
    What's going on again here in Hungary??

    Would any antionline group out there support democracy in Hungary?
    Some decades ago, I heard communists say:
    Information is Power!
    They have known this for 50 years! And they successfully ruined the life of Hungarians for their
    own benefits. All this seem to be continued.
    Now they rule and govern all tv stations, all internet service providers, all newspapers.

    We badly need your help!
    Democracy is still an endangered idea in human minds in Hungary!

    Laszlo Papp Doroghy
    Hungary, Budapest

    I am pleased to be here in yr community
    to learn how to extra-protect our computers.

    But please learn how any forums work in Hungary in 2006!

    Your message wouldn't ever appear on a site
    without censoring! (except orbanviktor.hu)
    Once it is there, you won't ever be able to edit that ever after.+
    Finally if your comment does not meet the taste of the communists,
    they would surely come and find you in your home
    after midnight to take you away to a silent prison
    where your scream of pain will be heard by no one!
    They have just prisoned 270 young democrats last week!
    This is Hungary! Country of the Communist Lies!

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    We know about Hungary: http://sportsforum.ws/sd/factbook/geos/hu.html

    You happen to have a corrupt government, but you did elect it. Sure, your president lied to get elected.............but the majority chose to believe him?.

    You are a member of the EU and N.A.T.O. so I wouldn't worry about your democracy too much.

    You actually have a coalition government, not a single majority one, and the main feature of coalitions is that they collapse when something nasty happens.

    I have a very strong feeling that you will have national elections long before 2010. That is when the majority should use their democratic right to change things.

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    being from a little shithouse called Slovakia i understand how angry you must be... just try to be a little less melodramatic...

    everyone know's that guy is an ******* now (at least outside)
    /dev/humor: not found

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    hmm after reading all that i'm feeling a little hungry myself..

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    Knocikng at wrong doors gentlemen.
    God bless ya all there.
    Hope the hungry one of ya finally
    got fed over there.
    Be proud! You deserve everything!

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    Could be worse......you could live here

    "Where the tree of knowledge stands, there is always paradise": thus speak the oldest and the youngest serpents.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Originally posted here by hjack
    Could be worse......you could live here

    lol....or even worse it could be..... here hjack may even know someone....
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