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    Bootable CD for Windows xp


    Anyone help me for making Bootable CD for Windows Xp Service Pack 2. I Tried With the Nero 7.2 But I Am not Able To Make Bootable CD. I Have image File For Making Bootable CD I download That File From Internet But Still I am not Able To Make Bootable CD For a Same.

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    Is there a file name "microsoft corporation.img" in your file ... This file is needed to make your CD bootable ... it might be named something else, but the extension should be img.

    This might be why it doesn't boot if a file like that is missing.

    Find more info here ..Scroll down to step 4 and follow the guidelines ...

    Offcourse, it could be a bad copy as well ...This is what happens if you download images of the internet ...Especially torrents

    Hope it helps,

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    Make sure you burn it as a .ISO file as well and not a regular file or it won't work.

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